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I couldn’t be prouder of this Elite team. Two music festivals in two weekends, 12 hour days, blazing heat, on their feet, always smiling, and raised over $8000 in charity!!! And got their groove on! Thank you all for the support and making this into a successful event.

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1. Professional growth

Working at different facilities, from top research and teaching facilities to rural hospitals, enables you to broaden your skill set and learn new techniques. Not only does travel nursing showcase your adaptability, but it also proves you’re always up for a challenge and ready to learn from each new facility you visit.

2. Make more money

Travel nurses can often earn generous hourly pay rates and most companies offer overtime. Some companies even offer referral bonuses to nurses who refer their friends—just another example of how lucrative travel nursing can be.

3. Job opportunities in high demand locations

Although the economy has kept many nurses in the profession, resulting in fewer job openings, healthcare facilities are still in need of qualified nurses to fill permanent staff shortages and meet seasonal needs. Nurses who travel enjoy the job security of knowing there are assignment options across the U.S. waiting once their current assignment ends.

4. Lower Your Cost of Living

With the free, private housing that is offered by leading travel nursing companies such as Elite Healthcare Resources, taking a travel nurse assignment means that many common living expenses are eliminated or dramatically decreased.

5. Freedom and flexibility

Travel nursing provides nurses with the unbeatable freedom and flexibility to choose when and where they want to work. Nurses are able to take time off between assignments to spend time with family and friends, or take an extended vacation.

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Elite is proud to announce that on top of local nurses and travel nurse staffing we will now be offering contract to hire. 90 day contracts for CNA, LVN, and RNs with the option to hire at the end of the contract.

What this means for the facility: No need to place expensive ads, spend valuable time interviewing, or your HR department spending their time and resources doing background and compliance checks. Elite handles all of that for you.

What this means for the healthcare professional: The opportunity to make sure the facility is a good fit for you and your skill set. If it is, then you have been given a 3 month long interview to show off your abilities. If it isn't, then we look for one that is.

Lets solve the nurse staffing crisis together.

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